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Day 1 of my 4 day shooting journey is complete. I have one genuine competition under my belt. Albeit, an eye opening one.

I showed up at the Phoenix Rod & Gun Club at 0700 this morning. I didn't have a code to get through the gate, so I waited for the crowd to show up and followed them in. Being the youngest shooter there, I immediately stood out. I waited for the event director to show up. The week prior, after a lengthy phone conversation, he agreed to provide me all the necessary gear a bullseye shooter would need. This included the shooting case (that was required to compete) and the mounted scope. I was too rushed to begin using the scope at the beginning, but it made a difference when viewing the 50 yard targets.

The competition was for the service pistol. I saw both the M9 and the 1911. It was a 90 shot competition worth 900 points. As soon as I showed up I picked a spot to set up on the firing line. A few seconds later I realized the canopy was too low and I would not be able to see or shoot my target. Apparently 6'4 is an uncommon height for a shooter. The 40 lane shooting line only had one spot to shoot from that did not have a low canopy. So, I politely had the shooter there relocate.

After that fiasco, I decided to be very up front with all of the other competitors that it was my first time. I knew they would have found out eventually. Luckily they were very willing to help me along. Especially when I was told I needed to score another person's target. The person I was grading kept challenging my initial ruling. I can already tell people will do whatever it takes to get the highest score, point by point. My focus today was instead on hitting the paper. Which to no surprise, is difficult when each shot must be fired one handed.

As far as my handgun, the Springfield Armory 1911 handled well. I had picked it up from my gunsmith at Camp Pendleton the day before leaving for Arizona. He had made a few adjustments so that the weapon would cycle consistently. This competition was the first time the gun had zero problems. For the gun to start working reliably for the first time on competition day is a miracle. The only problem I had was the gun started getting dry around my 70th shot, but the lady next to me (who flew from Wyoming to compete) let me use her gun lube. She gave me the tip of spraying all over the top of the magazine when wanting to make your gun wet. Especially when short on time. I had only seconds to get my gun lubed again between reloading and scoring the targets.

Overall, the match was longer than I thought, but it still went by quickly. I was constantly running back and forth trying to get my footing on the tempo of the competition. Everyone was very nice, but its important to spend more time observing than shooting. I was encouraged to participate in the second relay whenever possible. This will allow ample time for watching the match progression and nuances. The benefit is that during the competition you can focus more on shooting, instead of focusing on not looking like a fool. Half way through I was able to make the switch.

I have included a few pictures of the firing line, targets, and the free gear provided to me. The picture of the firing line also shows a few Airmen. And I also recognized a few of them had on their Presidents Hundred tabs. Lucky them!

<![CDATA[Phoenix Rod & Gun Club Pistol Competition]]>Tue, 17 Feb 2015 17:18:16 GMThttp://www.airforceshooter.com/blog/phoenix-rod-gun-club-pistol-competitionThis week will be unique in AirForceShooter history. We will be competing in a 4 day shooting competition in Phoenix, Arizona. My first shots will be fired on Thursday, February 19 and close on Sunday, February 22.

My goal this week is to gather as much information about the different NRA and CMP competitions as possible. Follow me on twitter each day for details on the event as its happening. Also look back for blog posts throughout the week. This event deserves more than juts one post on Tactical Tuesday.

Here's a list of my events for the week:

Thursday: Arizona State 900 Service Pistol Championship Match
Friday: .22 Caliber Individual Match
Center Fire Individual Match
.45 Caliber Individual Match & CMP EIC Pistol Match
<![CDATA[ABU Computer Messenger Bag From Military Luggage]]>Tue, 10 Feb 2015 17:30:01 GMThttp://www.airforceshooter.com/blog/abu-computer-messenger-bag-from-military-luggage
ABU Messenger Bag
I’ve spent the last week showing off my new ABU Messenger Bag to jealous Air Force cadets and slightly intrigued college students. I’ve enjoyed the bag itself, as well as the conversation piece it has given me.

On Friday during a staff meeting I had one of my fellow cadets “model” the bag in front of our ROTC detachment. The bag and the cadet thoroughly enjoyed their 30 seconds of fame.

As for the pros and cons, check out the full video review for more details. What I can tell you is this bag, from Military Luggage, is an ideal heavy duty case for any and all computers. It’s functional, as well as tactical. As tactical as a messenger bag could be. And it wouldn’t be Tactical Tuesday without something tactical! Would it?

<![CDATA[Modified LD West Holster]]>Tue, 03 Feb 2015 21:33:45 GMThttp://www.airforceshooter.com/blog/modified-ld-west-holsterLD West Holster
Today's Tactical Tuesday post is geared toward a unique holster design. I have had my eye on this design for some time and it now seems very possible.

The Original LD West® Holster (Black) is an interesting product, where holster meets fashion. This holster takes the traditional gun holster design and repurposes it for your phone and wallet. This shoulder harness allows for a phone (of different sizes) to be carried under the right shoulder and a wallet to be carried under the left shoulder.

I saw this design and thought it was almost perfect. All it is missing is the ability to actually attach a handgun. There is no product on the market that elegantly allows a pistol to be carried on a shoulder harness with an additional phone or wallet holster.

Evil Duck Studios produces a superior holster. They have agreed to make a custom snap on handgun holster for this LD West harness. This rig will allow for the swapping out of three attachments. I can wear a gun and wallet, a gun and phone, or a wallet and phone. Each environment or outing can dictate the use.

I have received my black LD West Holster and will send it to Evil Duck Studios shortly. The gun I plan on having a holster made for is the M&P Shield. I originally wanted my Springfield Armory 1911 to be used for this rig, but the gun is too heavy for the harness straps. The gun is simply too large and weighted for a shoulder harness rig. The M&P Shield is a lightweight and compact handgun specifically designed for concealed carry. This harness is not intended to be flashy, but worn under a jacket. As well as worn for home carry.

I look forward to posting on the completion of this project. As well as reviewing the M&P Shield, once I purchase it.

<![CDATA[AirForceShooter's First Pistol EIC Match]]>Tue, 27 Jan 2015 22:43:13 GMThttp://www.airforceshooter.com/blog/airforceshooters-first-pistol-eic-matchSpringfield Armory 1911
If you haven’t noticed, I have spent a lot of time blogging on different products this month. Instead of giving another review, I want to switch gears back to AirForceShooter’s roots. This week I made contact with the host of an official CMP EIC pistol match out in Phoenix, Arizona. I’ve decided that it is time for me to take the plunge and compete in my first EIC match.

The event, hosted by the Arizona State R & P Assoc., will take place 21-22 Feb 15. It’s only a six hour drive from my area, so it seems like the perfect opportunity. The competition involves firing a service pistol, as defined by the CMP Competition Rules, over the Pistol National Match Course of fire: 10 shots slow-fire standing, 50 yards; 10 shots timed-fire standing, 25 yards; 10 shots rapid-fire standing, 25 yards. I will use my Springfield Armory 1911 as seen in the attached picture. You can also use an M9 or civilian equivalent.

I encourage you to check out the events calendar tab for dates and locations of other CMP EIC pistol matches that are near you. This information was compiled directly from the CMP website.

I expect to document the whole experience. Follow me on Twitter to get live updates on my journey, or check back each Tuesday for a more in depth Tactical Tuesday posts.

<![CDATA[Evil Duck Studios Rustic Leather Holster Review]]>Wed, 21 Jan 2015 00:40:28 GMThttp://www.airforceshooter.com/blog/evil-duck-studios-rustic-leather-holster-reviewEvil Duck Holster
It's once again Tactical Tuesday! Today I'm going to talk about a holster that I recently picked up for my Springfield Armory 1911 Mil Spec. I purchased the 1911 about 12 months ago, but I've been stalking this holster for much longer. Is it normal to find a holster before you own the gun? Maybe not.

This custom made to order holster is going for $130 and can be found on the Evil Duck Studios Etsy page. I encourage you to check out this holster if you are in the open carry market. This design adds a modern spin to the western style holster we are all familiar with.

Apparently it fits all medium and full size frame pistols. I felt confident in my purchase when I saw the display image had the same model as my own gun. The owner of Evil Duck Studios, Josh, does a lot of different custom work. If this style is almost perfect, but needs a certain tweak, I am sure he can do it.

The holster itself is very comfortable on my hip. I had it canted forward slightly. The release is also very fast and I have no problem with drawing the weapon quickly. The holster is also strong, but not heavy. This is not a tactical or competition holster, but we are not always in that environment. I wanted something that looks great and functions well when I'm carrying for self defense. This does the trick.

Great product made in the USA. Can't go wrong.
My next purchase is going to be a matching belt.

Click HERE for more information on this holster.

<![CDATA[Patriot Cases Product Review]]>Wed, 14 Jan 2015 01:08:57 GMThttp://www.airforceshooter.com/blog/patriot-cases-product-review
This week I decided to post a review of my three Patriot Cases. Every gun deserves adequate protection, and Patriot Cases provide just that.

<![CDATA[Air Force Shooter Is Moving!]]>Tue, 06 Jan 2015 18:43:40 GMThttp://www.airforceshooter.com/blog/air-force-shooter-is-movingAfter waiting 3.5 years, I have finally found out where my first base will be and I couldn't be more excited. I will be leaving for MacDill AFB 6th Air Mobility Wing (Tampa, Florida) sometime in 2015.

Although this base was not on my dream sheet, the PA connections I have made so far assure me it is an ideal first base.

The first thing I did when I found out my base was look up Florida's gun laws. It is obvious that almost every state has more relaxed gun laws than California, but I wasn't sure where Florida fell.

To my surprise, Florida is very pro guns. To the point where their concealed carry permit is recognized by 35 other States. It has no gun registration and no magazine limitations.

I was also able to connect with an Air Force competition shooter who lives in Tampa, Florida.

He says that Florida is a great location to sharpen my skills and find local competitions. I'm just excited to know that the competitive shooting dream does not stop with this move. It really begins. If I was stationed somewhere like Italy, it would have been nearly impossible to shoot and train.

I hope you all had a great holiday. Happy shooting.

<![CDATA[New Air Force Shooter Members Only Section]]>Tue, 23 Dec 2014 21:29:55 GMThttp://www.airforceshooter.com/blog/new-air-force-shooter-members-only-sectionToday marks the beginning of a new feature offered at AirForceShooter.com. Membership!

Each page now has a "Log In" link in the top right corner. Users with log in credentials will be able to have access to more Air Force Shooter content and features. This new phase of Air Force Shooter starts with member registration.

Details to follow on what to expect with member access and what this means for users of AirForceShooter.com.

For those of you wishing to become an early access member or receive site update notifications, please say so below:

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<![CDATA[Dedicated 9mm AR15 and Match Grade 1911]]>Tue, 16 Dec 2014 16:30:01 GMThttp://www.airforceshooter.com/blog/dedicated-9mm-ar15-and-match-grade-1911
I figured it was time to show off some of the hardware that I have been using as of late. Expect a more detailed review of each weapon down the road, but the basics are here:

The video shows two guns. The first is a dedicated 9mm AR15. The upper is Rock River Arms RRA  and the lower is  Double Diamond Law Enforcement Supply DDLES. DDLES has since evolved into the company Quarter Circle 10. Their molds for the lower have also evolved. In addition to the colt pattern 9mm in the video, they also sell a Glock version.

The second gun is the Springfield Armory Mil Spec 1911. This is the weapon that I intend to use for all competitions moving forward. It was completely gutted internally and upgraded with match grade components. The pistol has proved to be an excellent purchase and I looked forward to swapping out the slide for the .22 slide mentioned in the previous blog post.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments prior to my post on my in depth review of these two weapons.